Moonlit Grampians Photoshop Edit


Moonlit Grampians Photoshop TutorialFull Photoshop edit

Here is a full edit from two untouched, straight out of the camera RAW files to a finished image.

In this video I take you from Adobe Bridge, into Adobe Camera RAW, then into Photoshop CC.

Learn how to combine completely different images together to create a vision of whatever you can imagine.

Approx. 80min tutorial!

Programs used –

  • Adobe Bridge CC
  • Adobe Camera RAW
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Learn how to –

  • Combine multiple images
  • Change the time of day
  • Enhance Milky Way images
  • Add contrast
  • Control colour
  • Create luminosity masks
  • Make accurate selections
  • Create groups
  • Use the “Blend if” function
  • Sharpen an image (my special new technique)

You won’t believe what the original photo looks like!

You’ll receive 1 x 1hr and 18min mp4 + Photoshop file (.psd) of the completed image with layers @1.43Gb