Post Processing Workshop

Post Processing Workshop (Photoshop)

Learning how to take a great photo in camera is essential to creating great images. But this is only half the work needed to produce truly stand out photos.

Post processing is just as important when it comes to giving your photo a refined edge or creative flair. Photoshop in particular gives you limitless control over your finished product. Learning post processing will improve your work and your love of photography.

In this post processing workshop I will teach you the methods I use and what to look out for to avoid that “over processed” look that can ruin the potential of a great photo. During a Skype session I will share my screen while I run through how I would edit one or two of your RAW files. The entire session will be recorded for you to review at your leisure and use what you’ve learnt to create your own unique style. For $120 AUD per hour I can show you how to get the most out of your exposure and add creative effects.

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