NiSi V6 Filter Holder

V6 filter holder system with circular polariser

I’ve tried a few filter holders over the years and have seen others being used on my workshops and with the release of the new V6 holder from NiSi, you’ll see why I’ve stuck with NiSi. It’s the little details that can make all the difference when you want to get the best quality images in photography and the V6 has those little improvements on the V5 that just make sense.

As a NiSi ambassador I was fortunate enough to get a V6 holder in my hands and put it to the test. I was happy with the V5 as a quality filter holder so I didn’t feel like I needed anything else. After all, it was easy to use, I could use a polariser under my neutral density filters, I could stack 3 ND filters without vignetting or colour cast, I could pick up my camera and move to a new location knowing the filters wouldn’t slide out of the holder while I was walking.

So why would you need anything else? Because NiSi listens to photographers and their suggestions. Heading out for my usual sunset photography session I grabbed the adaptor ring and thought nothing had changed until I went to put on the polariser. The new design gives a little bit more room to attached the circular polariser giving more confidence and stability. Putting the holder on was as easy as always but I did notice a another tool next to the spring loaded clasp. A few little twists of the new dial and you can lock the rotation of the filter holder to keep graduated filters set in place between shots.

NiSi V5 and the new NiSi V6

One thing that I do know about the NiSi holders is that putting the filters in and taking them out can require a bit of oomph. The stiffness can take some getting use to, but as I said earlier, I can pick up my camera and move around knowing the glass isn’t going to fall out. NiSi has made things a little better here by giving some room at the top and bottom of the filter to take them out. The side grip on the filters has been improved as well, but I couldn’t notice a appreciable difference here.

Overall the V6 is definitely an improvement on an already good design. As bias as I may seem being a NiSi ambassador and all, I could choose to use any filter brand like anyone else and it’s reasons like this that I choose NiSi. They listened to their customer base and added the features people wanted without compromising on the features that people like me were already happy with.