Project RAWcast


A general photography podcast by Kieran Stone and Tassiegrammer.

Episode 50: Can You Take Our Photo?

It’s finally here! What everyone has been waiting for…Episode 50! And a Nikon Mirrorless. What do you do when a stranger asks you to take their photo? Iphone awards its users that take good photos, Huawei lets its AI decide who should be awarded and Sony puts medium format number megapixels in a tiny camera phone sensor.

Episode 49: Shooting Great Photos Handheld

It’s all well and good to set up your camera on a tripod and use filters to capture amazing landscape images, but can you get amazing photos shooting handheld? Tassiegrammer and Kieran discuss their answers to this question. Tunnel closures, Canon rumours, whale tails and this episode may need an airbag.

Episode 48: Impressing Photographers

Tassiegrammer and Kieran are back from their respective duties of Vivid workshops and child rearing. The guys chat about shooting to impress other photographers and the important process of culling images. The Nik Collection is back as well, but for a price.

Episode 47: Murray Fredericks and Krystle Wright

The final pair of interviews from Aperture Australia are with Murray Fredericks and Krystle Wright. Adventure and excitement mixed with nothing and failure. This is the last episode of Project RAWcast…before Kieran has a baby and Tassiegrammer takes on Vivid in Sydney.

Episode 46: Megan Lewis and Eugene Tan

This episode Kieran and Tassiegrammer share their chats with Megan Lewis and Eugene Tan. Two incredible photographers with their own unique stories. An astronaut forgets to put a memory card in his camera and stock photography has a skewed view of the scientific jobs.

Episode 45: Ray Martin and Ken Duncan

Kieran and Tassiegrammer are back from a busy week in Sydney attending Aperture Australia and running workshops. In this episode they share their interviews with Ray Martin and Ken Duncan, two Australian icons.

Episode 44: Private Property and Trophy Images

Tassiegrammer and Kieran have talked about environmental degradation from photography in the past, but what about the impact to private property from making previously unknown locations common knowledge. Are you collecting “Trophy Images” for your Instagram? Does expensive gear matter? Neil Armstrong took rubbish photos on the moon and SmugMug gets Flickr.

Episode 43: Education Creates Competition

Does teaching photographers photography create competition in the photography market? Tassiegrammer has been a bit cheesy lately and Kieran has been Gettying people all riled up. NiSi is innovating with new lenses and phone filters and Adobe shows that it too can create Instagram filters.

Episode 42: International Photography Participation Awards

Get your entries in to any photography competition to win a participation award so you can be an award winning photographer! Tassiegrammer and Kieran talk about the need to shoot in non-optimal conditions. Multi-million dollar photo on eBay, deleting your social media and a Canon mirrorless is out there…somewhere.

Episode 41: The AIPP is Dead, Long Live the AIPP

The Australian photography community has been a buzz with the news of the AIPP board resigning. Tassiegrammer and Kieran share their thoughts on the direction and future of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Have you jumped on the Vero bandwagon and what should you consider when pricing your photography work.

Episode 40: Lightroom Vs Photoshop

Which post processing tool is right for you? Lightroom or Photoshop? Kieran and Tassiegrammer run through their workflows and how they utilise each of them. The rules of composition are there to be broken and human suffering is good for the photojournalism business.

Episode 39: Leave No Trace

After spending the week together, Tassiegrammer and Kieran are back in different states and have much to discuss. Especially Tassiegrammer’s recent article on environmental degradation and the role that photographers play in it. Peter Lik gives a big moon to his customers and sparks a digital manipulation debate and Grumpy Cat wins big.

Episode 38: Instagram Engagement Pods

Getting more engagement on Instagram is a goal many users try to achieve. Tassiegrammer and Kieran discuss the pros and cons of being part of a group that engineers engagement. The Earth turns and you can demonstrate that with star trail photography. Bad portraits are good and Canon asks it’s users what they want in a mirrorless camera. A big announcement for Project RAWcast and Aperture Australia.

Episode 37: Update Your Photography Website

Happy New Year! It’s time to set goals and dust off the cobwebs on your website. Kieran gets a photo on Windows and Tassiegrammer has a ridiculously fast internet connection. Nik is coming back and you may have Selfitis.

Episode 36: Time Well Spent

What a year 2017 has been! Tassiegrammer and Kieran reflect on their accomplishments over the year and dream about what goodies may await them under the Xmas tree. Instagram makes more changes, Disney buys National Geographic and a company apologies for misusing a photo.

Episode 35: The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

In this episode, Tassiegrammer and Kieran listen to your photography questions. From the technical to the philosophical and even some honest opinions. Copyright issues crop up again and apparently Androids are living people.

Episode 34: Back to Work

The boys are back after a short break and have lots to catch up on. Kieran chats about his trip to Madagascar and Tassiegrammer speaks of his new love for the iPhone X. Adobe makes changes to Lightroom and the new Sony A7R III is released. They also discuss the long awaited Epson Pano Awards results.

Episode 33: Google’s AI Will Take Over the World

As Google’s Artificial Intelligence grows towards sentience, it seems the camera industry may be an early victim of its conquest. Kieran does his best to understand the meaning Tassiegrammer is searching for in his photography and Sony and Nikon dominate the top sensors.

Episode 32: Bullying in Photography

It’s Project RAWcast’s Birthday! And for this episode Tassiegrammer and Kieran take on the bullying issue that’s plaguing photography. They also discuss the differences between full-frame and crop sensor cameras and Getty Images bans images with body weight manipulation.

Episode 31: Is Canon Innovating Enough?

Poor Tassiegrammer is going through a rough patch with Canon and their innovation and Kieran does a terrible job at consoling him. They discuss stock options and animating the poo emoji, world changing women and their exclusion from Nikon.

Episode 30: Are Instagrammers Real Photographers?

Being an Instagrammer can be a profession these days but does that make you a photographer? Tassiegrammer and Kieran share their thoughts. They also debunk some photography myths and dish out some rare praise to Nikon for the new D850.

Episode 29: Apps for Photography

The boys are in Sydney ahead of some NSW adventures. Kieran gives Tassiegrammer some tips on how to fail at photography. They talk about some useful apps and the pros and cons of watermarks. Foto L!ve, a teapot camera, a drone on a warship and an old photo of a president also make the cut.

Episode 28: What is a photo?

What is a photo anyway? Can it be scratches on film? Tassiegrammer and Kieran argue their views on the subject. They also discuss how sticking to a style of imagery affects creativity and success. Is a formal education in photography necessary? The guys announce a date for a new Sydney Instameet and Kieran saves Tassiegrammer’s life!

Episode 27: Monkeying around with copyright

Another case of a photographer having their work stolen on Instagram. A monkey with copyright to a selfie. Hyperfocal distance vs focus staking. Tassiegrammer isn’t switching to Nikon’s new mirrorless system and Kieran spills coffee on his laptop.

Episode 26: Better Instagram Stories

How you should be utilising Instagram Stories to promote your brand according to Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone. The Canon 6D mkII is released and rumours of the next Nikon D8 something or other are floating around. Also, is it really possible to achieve those “shot on an iPhone” images?

Episode 25: Goals for your photography dreams

Kieran and Tassiegrammer discuss their ideas on the surest way to achieve your photography dreams, by setting goals. Instagram cracks down on influencers. Food photography’s weird tricks, the Fuji GFX and much, much more.

Episode 24: Vivid Sydney – To go or not to go

Kieran has just returned from Middle Earth and Tassiegrammer is living it up under the bright lights of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. How do you shoot the night lights of Vivid? Should you even go? A new article on what to do in case your photos are stolen and the Canon 5D mkIV gets reviewed.

Episode 23: Pricing Your Images and Prints

This episode the guys clear up some confusing topics in photography, particularly the subject of pricing images for licensing and print sales. Tassiegrammer and Kieran go over the options and functions associated with Auto Focus and give a starting point for when you make the plunge into Photoshop.

Episode 22: Best Episode Ever

Tassiegrammer and Kieran are back from the first Project RAWcast workshop in Phillip Island and the call of BEST WORKSHOP EVER was being thrown around. They discuss some of the common topics brought up by the participants and their thoughts from camera settings to final printing. Canon may also be throwing a full frame mirrorless camera into the ring, according only to Tassiegrammer.

Episode 21: Authenticity of Influencers

A win for photographers! Kieran and Tassiegrammer talk about the outcome of a recent misuse of photographers images on social media. They discuss how far is too far with Photoshop and give some Astrophotography tips. Also, should “influencers” be forced to make it clear about any financial incentives they may have received for their posts?

Episode 20: Instagram Bots and Automation

There’s no more divisive issue in the Instagram community than the use of Bots or Automation to grow a following. Tassiegrammer and Kieran try to give an un-opinionated explanation of the difference between bots and automation, how they are used and how affective they are. They believe there are bigger issues that the photography community needs to address and stand together on. On a lighter note they chat about how they use the HSL functions to control colour in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Episode 19: Plagiarism Vs Inspiration

This episode the guys discuss what they do to back up their photos and files to keep them safe. The merits of manual and auto focus are debated. Kieran and Tassiegrammer also chat about plagiarism vs inspiration, a topic inspired by recent events at the Sony World Photo Awards.

Episode 18: SEO For Photographers

Want to be number one on google searches? This episode on SEO for photographers will tell you exactly how to do it! At least that’s what Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone would like to say to improve the SEO for photographers of this episode. They discuss the importance of a good portfolio, testing the abilities and limits of your camera, as well as creating Photoshop actions. Mac and Facetagram also get a stern talking to.

Episode 17: Road Trips and Bucket Lists

Kieran Stone and Tassiegrammer know all to well that good preparation before a road trip prevents some of the more common photography disasters. They share their tips for getting ready for a road trip and talk about some bucket-list destinations they’d love to shoot. They tell you what to consider when buying a camera and which photographers on Instagram are worth checking out.

Episode 16: Making insurance exciting

In this episode Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone try and make the important but sometimes dull topic of insurance sound interesting. The listeners can be the judge of the success in that department. They also talk about sharpening for the web, copyright issues, some inspirational local photographers and their usual beef with Instagram.

Episode 15: Back to the Facetagram

This week Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone are venturing out in to the real world with an upcoming Instameet and multi day workshops! They try and get their heads around time-lapse photography and they both let off some steam regarding Instagram’s self destructive updates.

Episode 14: The seeds are now planted

A special episode this week as Tassiegrammer fights for photographers rights after many images are used for tourism in what is believed to be a commercial space without the consent of the artists. Even your images could have been used without you knowing. Kieran and Tassiegrammer chat about the upcoming year of competitions and what you can do to improve your chances of winning.

Episode 13: A weekend with Project RAWcast

It was a busy weekend for Kieran and Tassiegrammer as they attended and hosted respectively a Canon LEAP Meet at MONA FOMA. They attend a visually confronting and emotionally challenging performance by Stephen Dupont about his photographic career. They also held their first Facebook Live interactive tutorial with great success and may or may not have a lengthy discussion about Instagram’s effect on creativity in photography. They definitely did talk about the winners of the Australian Photography Magazine photographer of the year competition.

Episode 12: 2017, a year of resolutions and criticism

Happy New Year! Project RAWcast kicks off the year with discussions about resolutions and improving your photography. Tassiegrammer and Kieran show no surprise at Alex Noriega winning another competition and DJI acquires Hasselblad.

Episode 11: Top 11 episodes of 2016

Tassiegrammer and Kieran reflect on the year that has been 2016 and look forward to growth in 2017. They discuss top 10 posts on Instagram, Exposure metering and have a philosophical discussion about the “Mona Lisa” of photography.

Episode 10: Compenstate and compare

Canon Vs Nikon vs Sony, DSLR Vs Mirrorless, Adobe Vs …everything else, WHO WILL WIN? Tassiegrammer and Kieran also explain the important but possibly overlooked function of exposure compensation.

Episode 9: I am not your target market

Tassiegrammer and Kieran review what makes a good Instagram caption. They discuss maximising your photography businesses marketing potential on Facebook. They answer a listener question about buying lenses on a budget, and chat about celebrities being hired as photographers.

Episode 8: Please like and comment

Tassiegrammer is back from the Overland Track and answers some of Kieran’s questions. They discuss shooting for likes and comments rather than the love of photography, Time magazines top 100 most influential photos of all time, listening to music while editing images and so much more.

Episode 7: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Tassiegrammer and Kieran discuss the potential environmental impact from having an influential social media account. How to maximise your reach and get the followers you want. They also discuss a few rules that every photographer should know.

Episode 6: A passion for photography

In this episode, Kieran and Tassiegrammer chat about maintaining a passion for photography through all the business side of things. They discuss whether or not to distribute digital files, how to make a camera out of a Nikon (we actually mean a potato), and buying things directly through Instagram.

Episode 5: Thrown under a bus

Tassiegrammer and Kieran reveal some of their inspirations in the photography world. The topic of exclusivity makes the only appearance it will ever make in this episode. Drones get better eyes and cameras break the internet.

Episode 4: Blown out skies

Kieran and Tassiegrammer chat about the Epson Pano Awards top 50 and conversely, the over exposed skies in popular travel photos on Instagram. They look at 500px and how it works and doesn’t work. As well as cleaning your images and tripods.

Episode 3: Rich Kids, Russian Brides and Stolen Images

Kieran nearly gets scammed by a fake PayPal email and doesn’t buy a Russian bride, Tassiegrammer gets angry about stolen images and people standing in front of his camera, and Rich Kids flaunt their wealth in a new app.

Episode 2: A Sherpa, not a donkey

In this episode Kieran and Tassiegrammer answer some listener questions, discuss Lightroom vs Photoshop and Mac vs PC. They may or may not compare their partners to Sherpas and donkeys.

Episode 1: Droning on

Kieran and Jason discuss the latest drone releases, photography competitions and their controversial results as well as how they use Instagram Stories. They also touch on the release of the Canon 5D mkIV and whether its price is justified.


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